Things to consider when organizing a party

Whether you are celebrating a beloved family member’s birthday or reliving the day of your wedding by celebrating your anniversary with all of the people who mean the most to you, planning a party for not just the person of the day but also for the rest of the people who matter to them. But planning a party requires a fair bit of pre thought before you bust out the bunting and get the cake ordered. Do you remember when you were a teenager having to at some point go to a young family member’s birthday party and how bored you felt? Well, you really want to avoid that being the person whose party it is at all costs.

Ultimately if you party is centered around a person then that person’s likes should be catered for on the day. After all, if you are celebrating somebody else’s birthday why should there be nothing on offer that that person enjoys? Surely that defeats the very purpose of holding the party in the first place. You need to strike the balance between pleasing the crowd while at the same time focusing it towards the subject person of the day. So let’s take a look at how you can go about doing that.


This is going to be an uphill battle from the very start as not only do you have to consider what the person whose party it is would enjoy eating but it also has to be a win-win for both the guest of honor and the attendees of the party to avoid people being turned off by the food and going hungry. You also have to think about things like how practical the food will be to prepare on mass and whether you can actually feasibly prepare all of the food whether it may be more appropriate to order some of the food in order to take the pressure off of the planners in this respect.

Take time to think about what different things the guest of honor would enjoy and incorporate those into the main menu of the day whilst at the same time going for some more crowd pleasing and ubiquitous choices. Sweet pastries, sausage rolls and sandwiches are all acceptable fodder for the party buffet selection.


Now this is something that while it isn’t strictly 100% necessary, it’s always nice to theme and add a personal splash of colour and vibrancy to a celebration’s surroundings. There are plenty of easy things that you can do to add your own personalized and special touch to the occasions. Bear in mind that the decorations that you choose have to be appropriate for the situation, for example, you can’t exactly have bunting and colorful balloons for an anniversary party? Rather in the same way that formal tableware and ice sculpture isn’t really appropriate for a small child’s birthday party, again you have to balance the occasion with what you and the person who the party is for will enjoy.

A good tip to follow is to make up a colour scheme and stick to it, if this is an adult occasion this would mean finding some tasteful table and wall decorations. Also don’t go overboard when you choose and decorate the space as it will appear cheap and tacky as opposed to offsetting the room.


It’s important that your guests are not bored, after all the chat will soon become drawn out and tedious if the situation itself is boring and monotonous. It’s important that there are activities and things to do to engage your guests’ imagination and help the conversation stay fresh and active and for your guests to have a great time and usually the easiest way to do that is with music. You want to ensure that the setup for your music is easy to hear from any location in the space and generally people opt to hire out their audio system for the day and some even go to the lengths of hiring a professional DJ to handle the day’s audio requirements.

If you do go for this route it’s important that you choose an experienced and well-reviewed company ideally in your local area. Be sure to book their services well in advance to avoid disappointment as party hire in Adelaide and other related services in the area also get booked up extremely quickly.



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