Things to keep in mind when gifting coworkers

We all have cause every now and again to buy gifts for people that we really are not that close to. Normally this will pertain to people at work. Sometimes a mere card is appropriate and if you are just a general employee then all you are most likely to be expected to do would be to sign the same card that everybody else is. However, there are a few circumstances where you may have to push the boat out and get something a little more substantial. For example, if you are higher management, or the occasion is particularly important (like a work anniversary or congratulations on a huge sale) you will be expected to at least organize some token of appreciation or gift from the company and normally this comes in the form of cake. But of course, you are allowed to be a bit more creative than that.

There are a few things that you have to remember about buying a gift for somebody you may not be so strongly linked to or familiar with their general likes and dislikes, so let’s go through them in order to ensure that you not only hit the right note but that your gift is also appreciated.

Don’t make the gift too personal


Obviously there are exceptions to this rule, if your colleague just so happens to be a close or valued friend who you know very well then obviously your friendship comes before your work relationship. However this cannot be said for somebody you don’t know and often times this is one of the main barriers after not knowing their preferences and tastes, to buying a colleague any kind of gift beyond cake and cards. It’s understandable that you might not want to go too personal with a gift for somebody you do not know very well, but if you want them to clue your gift even slightly you have to make it look like you have put some amount of thought into it.

The key to this is to take things that you can pick up from just talking to them briefly or things that you can pick up visually or by just having a brief conversation with them. Have you noticed a particular deodorant or aftershave that they use when they meet clients? Well then it’s things like this that can provide the ideal inspiration for acceptable gifts.

Avoid clichés

When you buy for a co-worker the key is to make it feel like they as a person have been considered while at the same time keeping it on a professional level. After all, sometimes over-familiarity can impact your professional relationship, or worse, a failed attempt to connect with other people in your workplace will inevitably lead to the relationship being degraded. With that being said, in order to avoid being another never used and resented gift taking up space in their home, you have to put a little bit of extra thought in and avoid giving the same old “bottle of wine, cufflinks, tie” clichés that most companies run with.

At all costs you have to avoid just getting them something because you feel it’s “appropriate” but also because you think that they will genuinely enjoy what it is that you get them, failing all else, even simple and relatively inexpensive options like buying a nice lunch for them can be at the very least a wonderful gesture.


A good and trustworthy option that many people go for is something that you can eat. After all who doesn’t like food? The problem is the variety that people tend to go for is the issue and a bar of chocolate doesn’t exactly hit the same notes as it did 40 years ago when that particular standard was set. And a little more creativity needs to go into it. Luckily with the internet this is more than easy and there are many services which offer customizable candy products for example that can be easily ordered and shipped to your workplace.

The reason that people, are opting for these is due to their highly colorful design and their rather whimsical nature and also the growth and expansion of this particular industry making it easier than ever to find a high quality online candy store.


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