As if 4×4’s Weren’t Cool Enough – Install a Fridge in Yours!

OK, so that was a rather poor pun, but we really cannot overstate how cool it is having a fridge installed in your 4×4; particularly if you’re a big lover of camping and going to the beach. In this article we’re going to explore the irrefutable benefits that come with having a decent sized fridge in the boot of your car.

1 – All the beer

Just to be clear: we’re not advocating drink driving! Quite the opposite in fact. What we are all for however, is parking up safely and arriving at your destination, where you can get your drink on. Fortunately, with a fridge in the back of your car, you can stock it right up with plenty of iced-cold beers to enjoy when you’re camping. This of course, is going to make you very popular with your friends when at the camp site.

2 – Keep your food fresh!

The problem with a standard cool box is that you can only really keep your meat cool for a day or so at best, and that’s really depending on the quality of the box, how much ice you pack in it and the outside temperature. So, not really ideal in the height of summer. A fridge on the other hand will allow you to keep meat at the appropriate, safe temperature for the entire duration of your trip. You can even store your leftovers as well, ready to eat again the next day! Just look at all of these awesome campfire recipes that you’ll be able to take advantage of!

3 – They slide right out!

Having quality 4WD fridge barriers in your boot means that you will be able to conveniently slide it out when you’re ready to use it. You won’t have to climb into the back of your car every time you want to grab a beer.

4 – Camping like you’ve never experienced it

Camping is fun, but normally you have to cut your journey short because you can’t keep enough quality food to keep you going. Well, with a decent fridge in the back you will be able to experience camping like never before! Just when we thought camping couldn’t be any more awesome.

5 – They go well with other 4×4 accessories

If you love camping, then you’ll be able to pair your fridge with some other awesome bits. MSA 4×4 Accessories for example, could supply you with a fridge, and a roof rack. That way you’ll be able to store the bulkier items which would otherwise be where your fridge is. It’s all about optimising your vehicle in the best way possible. In other words, having a large fridge in your boot, isn’t a terrible idea if you have other ways of storing the rest of your gear. Depending on the size of your boot, you might even be able to have rear drawers installed for extra storage solutions!


Having a fridge installed in your 4×4 is quite an investment, but one that is worth every penny when it comes with so many practical benefits. You’ll want to go to the beach at every opportunity that you can get! Stock it up with plenty of beer and meat and you’ll be able to have the most incredible BBQ’s every time. Just be careful only to drink when you’re not planning on driving until the next day. Enjoy it safely, we cannot stress that enough!





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