What you will need for your spring clean

Ahh the act of clearing out the year’s memories and clutter from your home to start afresh with a new outlook, leaving everything behind from that year to focus on the one ahead. While it can be an amazing feeling once you actually get round to finishing your big clean up, the preparation involved in clearing such a large area and amount of work that is inevitable to need to be done to truly get it sparkling can be a very daunting prospect. After all, there’s a reason that you don’t do a clean like this every month and that’s because it’s time consuming and labor intensive.

With such a large and difficult task ahead it can be easy to let even the most important aspects slip your mind and if you want to make this as easy as possible then you can’t afford to make mistakes that will take time and effort to get fixed later. You are ideally looking to get the whole clean done in one linear action over a set amount of time. That doesn’t mean that you can let your standards slip however, and we have compiled some helpful tips and tricks to assist you with keeping on task and focused on what is most important, your home.


If you really want to make the process of clearing down your house for the year and giving a solid foundation for months to come then you should really be looking to plan your cleaning activities. If you have a clear guide and set of instructions to keep track of then it will be much easier to get the job done. This plan should be broken down room by room prioritizing each of these areas by their importance and how much work they require. For each of these rooms you should then walk around with your notepad taking notes of major issues and prioritizing them in the same way by their importance and how long they will take to rectify.

Planning in this way will make it a breeze to not only keep you on track to what you are doing at that moment in time but also to remind you of what you need to do next and roughly how far through either the current room, or indeed the total project overall. Giving you a clear indication of how much work there is to do and giving you a solid foundation on which to estimate how long it will take you to complete. It will also make it easy to prioritize exactly what materials and equipment you will require in order to get the job done which is what we will discuss next.


You will need to also have a clear idea of what kind of equipment that you will need to purchase before you undertake the titanic clean you are planning. The chances are if you are cleaning every room you are going to come across not only different surfaces that all require a unique piece of equipment or particular chemical in order to clean it, but also different kinds of mess, stain and marks which will also require certain techniques to be employed in order to remove them effectively.  When it comes to the cleaning side of this consideration it’s important that you buy a multitude of different cleaners for not only different surfaces and materials that will require cleaning but also what kind of task that you need to do and what is required to complete it, if you have followed our first suggestion this should be a breeze for you.

The other consideration you will need to take is that of your safety, due to the presence of harsh and often corrosive or otherwise harmful chemicals and other materials you will be coming into contact with. It’s vital that you not only wear the correct eye protection but that you have the correct pair of gloves to protect them from any potential injury. There are many kinds but many these days opt for vinyl gloves as they are thin and lightweight, offering the same protection as a rubber glove but with increase mobility. It is important however that you choose the correct pair for the chemicals you are using.

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