Ways you can improve your home security system

In today’s world, keeping your possessions and property itself safe from intruders and other individuals who have only negative actions in their minds from being able to effectively break into your home. Most of this is down to the way that law enforcement works in the modern era, making sure that the details of any given crime are carefully recorded as well as the details of the eventually captured and apprehended criminal who perpetrated the crime, making identifying their handiwork a breeze thanks to modern fingerprint and DNA sciences improving over the recent years. However there are still plenty of things that you can do in addition to this to help defend your home.

After all as there have been advancements in the law enforcement field, the home security fields also expanded to include different ways and means of further protecting your home. Everything from different kinds of locks and security cameras to different scanners and alarm systems can all work together to protect your home and everything that you hold valuable. Hopefully in this article we are going to explain a few of these newer machines and methods that you can use to protect your home against potential malicious intruders who want to somehow commit a crime in your property.

Home security apps

Take your security system with you wherever you are going, these apps are designed to hook into your security system at large to enable them to be remotely controlled absolutely anywhere in the world through Wi-Fi. The implications of this are that you are effectively able to monitor the status of the security of your home whether you are only at work for the day as per usual or across the other side of the world enjoying your holiday time. All the while knowing that if at any point there was a problem in your home you will immediately be notified to be able to take the appropriate action to protect it.

These apps range in both price and spectrum of functionality. Some can be bought for as little as $20 which is great for those on a budget however, you will find that they offer significantly less functionality and some will be limited to doing things like being able to notify you if your security system has been compromised and allow you to notify the local law enforcement. However apps in the $50+ bracket will have additional features that can allow you to do things like access any CCTV you may have installed in your home, to being able to lock and unlock electronic locks that are on the same network. If you really want peace of mind, it will be beneficial to research not only the apps compatibility with your security system but also to make sure it has the features you are looking for and value most.

Security Screen Doors

Another great way to protect your home from unwanted intruders is to physically reinforce the various different entrances of your property by installing things like security screens on your doors and windows.  These normally consist of a reinforced metal mesh or screen that swings open and shut, rather like an insect screen,  that will be installed in front of the pre-existing door to add another layer of toughened material that will require breaking open before your door can even be accessed to force entry. The main purpose is to first of all delay the speed of which the intrudes can gain access to the property, secondly to increase the difficulty and amount of equipment required to break through the entrance way, with some models of door claiming to be resistant to both angle grinders and crowbars. And the final application of the door is that the procedure to disable the door will inevitably create more noise and draw attention to their activities, first of all compromising the attempted break in and discouraging any actions to try and break in in the first place.

These doors can vary in terms of price, quality and what kinds of methods of forcing entry they can resist against. Often times you will find that doors on the lower end of the price will be made from less durable materials and will resist less against the actions of more determined attempts.

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