Things you have to remember when selling your home

There are literally hundreds of reasons you could be selling your home, perhaps you are looking to sell a long appreciating investment at a time you want to branch out to a new project, or maybe you are planning on having children at some stage soon and are looking to move into a property that can more easily accommodate your larger family. Whatever the reason, the actual process of selling your house is a lengthy, complicated but eventually rewarding process with many different challenges and obstacles along the way. However, it’s a process that also has a very unique set of legal, financial and tax intricacies that also need to be handled respectively by somebody who has an in depth knowledge of all three.

That’s why many of the stages of selling your home will normally be handled by experts such as lawyers, real estate agents and accountants as they will need to take care of some of the really important and complicated tasks that are required for you to go ahead and sell your property. However, despite all of this there are still things that will firmly fall under your responsibility to resolve and there are a fair few – so many in fact that people often forget to do some of these and this puts them at risk of not making the most out of their home and selling it at its full potential. Hopefully in this article we can run through a few things that you can do to make the most out of selling your home.

Always hire an agent!

Now admittedly, it can be a hard pill to swallow having to fork over a percentage of your property’s sale price (up to 6% in some cases) just to what appears to be walking people around your house and making small talk about how nice the fixtures and fittings are, when in the work involved by an agent is extensive and normally quite time consuming, organizing different marketing strategies and ensuring that your home is listed in as many different places as possible, liaising with the potential buyers and their agents and also negotiating on your behalf, taking that stress out of proceedings for you and giving you breathing space between hearing an offer and responding to it.

There’s also another important treason that this process should be left to an agent and that is because they are not in any way attached emotionally or financially to the house and will not be moved or motivated by any personal feelings or memories that you yourself may have attached to what was most probably your home for a considerable amount of time. Removing that emotional connection by using an agent will not only ensure that the property is sold in a business-like way but also so that added stress on top of the rest of the stresses you will be experiencing falls on somebody else’s shoulders. After all if your feelings are mixed about the property and you are focused on how much joy and happiness the house brought you how will you be in the best position to sell it?

Preparing your home for viewings and marketing pictures

This is another very important thing to remember. Your home, as it stands before the process of selling begins, is very unlikely to be in a saleable state and you will need to prepare your house for not only the in-person viewings that will be organized by your agent (if you have decided on one) but also for the various pictures that will need to be taken in order to show prospective buyers and to post on the various websites and in classified sections. Jumbled up, messy looking and chaotic homes are very unlikely to sell as these things give off a negative impression of what the new owners will be inheriting along with their new property.

So crucial is this stage that most people will hire a professional home stager to arrange all of this on their behalf. This is an expert in how to professionally arrange a room so that it is the most attractive to the viewers of your home and also produce the best looking photographs possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, hopefully you have a better understanding of the things to bear in mind when selling your house. Click here for more information on home staging.


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