What to look for in a private investigator

For the most part, you don’t really ever want to find yourself needing the services of an investigator as it will generally mean that something negative has happened to you and you require assistance getting to the truth and getting the recompense that you need. And a good PI can make the difference in court and help you acquire the evidence and supporting information that your require to build up a strong case, be that for defense or for prosecution. However there are more people touting themselves as a private investigator or as offering that service that it can become difficult to differentiate between the different PI’s and their individual strengths and weaknesses.

A lot will be in their character when you consult with you and a good investigator should be a good listener who can dissect information down to its component parts to get to the root of your issue and come up with a strategy to move forward with, to give you the best possible odds in whatever endeavor you are undertaking. It’s also important that they are trustworthy and will do things by the book as any misconduct on their part can not only reflect on your case negatively but you could also potentially be held responsible for any misconduct they perform while in your service. So let’s take a look at some top tips to choose the right investigator to assist with your case.


Okay so this probably goes without saying but it still needs to be said for some people, always look for genuine references from past clients who can give detailed information on how their case went and how their private investigator helped them get through it and how professionally they behaved.  With the advent of the internet there are now more ways than even to do this and many detailed reviews should be available on a directory site or just by using a search engine. This will give you an idea of their general standing to the customers who chose to take to web and either endorse or berate them.

Some more reputable agencies and investigators will be able to provide you with some professional references to call and provide you with a hopefully sparkling reference and this is great as it gives you an opportunity to converse with the person who experienced their level of service and ask any questions that you may have had for them. However if an agency is unable to provide any positive references and doesn’t have any on the internet then this can be an indication of their professionalism and level of service and with such important work to be undertaken you can take the risk of jeopardizing your case by using them.


Generally speaking, to become a PI most of them would have had to at one stage served in some kind of law enforcement or military capacity in their past, this is due to their nature of their work and a need for cold hard calculation and extreme discretion to get their work completed to the standard required. And alongside this they should also have a clear understanding of not only the law but also the process in which the case will play out. It is something you have to be sure of going into it as they must be able to understand and work with court procedure in a professional and reliable way when they give their testimony and evidence.

They should not only be familiar with this for their benefit but also your own, they should be guiding you along with your legal representation of how to carry yourself and to clearly and concisely give your evidence and to in general formulate a strategy in order to come out with the best result. You also need to make sure that they are willing to stand up in court and testify to the veracity of their evidence on record. Most good PI’s will gladly do this if they are confident that their evidence is strong and their testimony is going to be beneficial to the outcome of your case. However if they point blank refuse under any circumstance to do so then this could be the indication you need to avoid them.

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