What to look for when having your pool renovated

Your pool should, in ideal circumstances, be an oasis in which you can escape the hectic hustle and bustle of the outside world and your job to come and relax by the side or take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters. Or perhaps it more something for you to enjoy with your family, having endless fun and playing games with your children and other relatives on hot summers days. Whatever you use your pool for eventually after many uses, draining and the actual effects of time on all things can cause it to fall into disrepair and not only look terrible and worn out also it can become a leaky inefficient waste of money and you may have to look into having the entire thing renovated.

There are many different stages to renovating your pool and it can be a technically challenging task for professional pool renovators let alone the layman who tries to DIY it. It’s highly recommended that you find a professional and experience contractor to carry out the work due to the complicated procedures and difficulty of the materials to work with and anywhere you may be in Australia, there will be a number of different companies and freelance contractors who offer this service. However there is still a few things that you need to factor in when going through the motions of deciding what you want and actually obtaining a quote. Hopefully in this article we can help to clear up a few of these and keep you focused and on the right track, so let’s begin.


As with any kind of construction, renovation or repair work you will want to have a comprehensive review of the kinds of suppliers in your area, all contractors operate differently, and you will want to find a company that not only completes the work to the required standard but also with the professionalism and adherence to your time requirements also make up a big part of the process of selecting between individual contractors. They also have varying products that they offer and varying levels of service, some may include cleaning or replacing of the pools pumping mechanism and some will not. Some may supply materials in their quote and others may require that you supply the various materials to get the job done.

You will want to find a contractor who first of all has a good reputation in your local, to find this out you will need to take a look on both the internet in their ratings on various different websites for an idea of how good the work that they completed straight from people who have previously commissioned work from them. A good contractor will not only have suggestions of where to find reviews of their work but also an extensive portfolio picturing work that they have previously completed with high-res pictures. You will also want to ensure that the quote that they give you is fully explained and what you are obligated to do in terms of materials and what kind of warranty is supplied with both their workmanship and for the suppliers of your chosen pool surface.



Once your pool has been sufficiently repaired and had its condition restored to the point where it is no longer structurally insecure then comes the next stage which is to replace the worn out or faded surface of the pool itself with an attractive and eye-catching replacement that not only looks great but also protects the pool from the corroding effects of the water and ensures that the water does not leak out, improving the efficiency and rate of which you have to refill your pool. There are many different kinds of surface all made of different materials with different aesthetic features. And obviously they all come in at different prices.

Often times the surface of your pool will greatly depend on your individual budget and what you like in terms of the look of the resurfacing. You can go for a simple pool plaster and paint finish that is cheap and looks pretty good however it will not last as long as a tiled pool. Whereas the aforementioned tiled pool will last a number years longer than the plaster. It is far more expensive to have done and will take a specialist pool renovator to undertake the work. Please click the following link for more information on pool renovations.


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