How to improve the resale value of your home

Our home, to many of us, is our own personal space away from the stresses and strain of everyday life. It is a space where you can truly be yourself and enjoy the things you love in you spare time. For some people property is merely that, a building in which definite profit can be made, and the focus of your ownership would either be to rent it out to tenants or turn it over a short time later for what is hopefully a profit. In some cases the time may come where either your home is no longer fit for you or your family’s requirements and you want to move to a larger property, or when you feel that the climate is right in that area to make a considerable profit, and in whichever case, attaining the highest offer that you possibly can will be the main focus.

While good care should have been taken of your home throughout your period of ownership (and we are sure that you did) you can find that there are things that you may not have noticed or had a need to repair in your home, what’s more, during its life there’s a good chance that the furnishings and decorations have become out of date and in order to present your home in the best possible light, you will want to have these issues rectified in order to command an above market sale price. But what kind of things should you focus on? We can walk you through a few of the areas you should focus on to attain that initial wow factor and get a fair price for your property.

Room decoration

There’s a good chance, if you and your family have lived in a house in excess of a year, that there will either be some aspects of the decorations or furnishings that have either become worn out, outdated or simply broken due to careless play and from naturally occurring wear and tear. While these things may not be of vital importance to you if you are actually living in the house, when it comes to selling the property to other families and potential buyers it can be worth investing a little money in getting this kind of thing spruced up. After all buyers don’t want to feel like they are taking on a lot of hard work along with their new home.

So it’s probably best that you use this process as an opportunity to spruce up both the paint work and any worn and outdated carpeting that you may have. These are often the most prominent and striking features of a room and will make up most of the impression of individual viewers have as to how much they like the decoration. Try to go for neutral but vibrant tones like beige or magnolia in order to extenuate the features of the room itself. So think about finding a reputable painter and possibly a carpet layer (although your supplier should be able to provide a professional fitter at a reasonable excess) in order to inject a little life into your otherwise drab and outdated interior spaces. And while you may incur a cost of $600 or even more, it can potentially help to add an extra few thousands to the final sale price of your home. Good news for those wanting to find a new, larger home or for those who are looking to make pure profit.

The exterior and front yard


One of the fundamental flaws of the human race in general is our habit of taking things at face value and letting first impressions dictate our opinions on things. And this is something which you have to think about when you are selling your home. The first thing that people will see is the front exterior of your house and also your front garden and if both of these things are unkempt and in a state of disrepair, it  can dramatically alter the initial impact of your home on viewers.

So get your front garden trimmed, manicured and a front wall or fence put up in order to border the garden and make it appear tidier and look at getting an attractive new fascia. An experienced stonemason can provide you with all of these things from advice about the composition and styling of your wall, but also to give advice about fascia options and exterior masonry that can be applied. Here’s a link to see the work of this particular stonemason in Perth.


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