Important things to organize before your big day

Your wedding, while it is without a doubt going to be one of the most happy and memorable days of your life there sure is a heap load of work that lies ahead of you before you can go about just enjoying your beautiful day of union with the person that you love. Weddings used to be a far simpler affair, everybody attends the ceremony, watches the kiss, eats some food at the reception and then dances the night away with a few drinks. However much has changed in recent years and wedding have gone from low key family celebrations with some close friends to a massive event catering for sometimes over 200 people who will all be expecting to see a grand old  time, exciting ideas and items they have never seen at a wedding before. And people have a tendency to unfairly judge if these expectations are not met.

However during all of this it’s important to remember why you are getting married in the first place, for the love of the person that you have chosen to spend the foreseeable future with and nothing else. We are assuming, though, that you would like to have a good time at your wedding and many a celebration has failed due to a lack of organization and communication between different service providers and the bride and groom, adding to this is the inability to foresee potential problems that could arise. So it’s essential that you square away and finalize as much as you possibly can in order to have as smooth a ceremony and reception as possible. In this article we hope to outline a few of the things that you should look to get organized first.

The DJ


Music is an essential part of any wedding celebration, from the brides walk down the aisle and subsequent giving away by her father or other male relative, to the first done and then presumably as western tradition dictates, a raucous celebration in which people strut their stuff and hit the dance floor to carry on enjoying themselves long into the night, however before any of this can happen, we must first of all arrange the music for the night. Some may choose to hire out a band however due to space restrictions many venues cannot cater for them, leaving you to have to choose a DJ, however, this is not necessarily a negative as they can perform a wide array of music with little effort, ensuring that there is at any point no break in the music.

It’s important that you decide on a DJ as soon as possible into the planning stage of the wedding in order to ensure that you can make your booking as early as possible so that they not only have time to compile a suitable playlist but they can also reserve that time and date for your day. This will avoid any last minute disappointments and subsequent scrambles for a replacement, you will also need to sit down and choose a few situation specific songs (such as the walk down the aisle and the first dance) and make sure to include any special selections that you want for the reception itself.


Let’s face it, the majority of the visual attention of the day will be on the bride, in all of her stunning glory, wearing a fashionable and fitted dress that perfectly matches her as a person, with their hair and makeup crafted to perfection. Nobody really cares if the groom has even had a shave or tied his shoelaces to be honest really as long as he is wearing some kind of suit. When you are dealing with an occasion as important as this it could be wise to employ the services of a professional makeup artist to help you with crafting that ultra-special and unique look that is tailored just for you and your special day.

Again as with the DJ it is vital that you book your test run and wedding day sessions as soon as you have found an artist whose style you like so you can rest assured they are fully reserved for you and your day as their services often get booked up rather quickly. Thank you for reading this article, please click the following link for more information about how to find a good wedding makeup artist.




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