Handy Tips for Buying Rural Property

Are you looking at buying a rural property? Perhaps you’re tired of the big city life and would like a change of pace? To kick back in the countryside with the fresh air is a dream that not many of us ever get the pleasure of actualising. Often life gets in the way and our family or work commitments keep us bound to the city. In any case, if you’re in a position to finally leave the hustle and bustle, here are a few handy tips for buying rural property for when you make the move.


1 – Be clear on why you are buying the property

Of course, some of you might be interested in getting into the property development game to make a living doing up and flipping properties for profit. Or perhaps you are looking for that forever home and a place to finally hang your hat and relax. Whatever the case, you must be clear on why you are buying the property. This will help you determine as to which type of property will be best suited to you. For example: buying a brand-new property might not be a great investment for someone looking for a quick flip. However, for someone who is looking for a long-term investment, a brand-new build will keep well and cost less in the long run in terms of maintenance & utilities.


2 – Explore the potential to add value

If you like the idea of expanding on a property, then you should explore the potential to add value when you are shopping around. You must also be aware of any planning permission restrictions that might hinder your progress. Certain older rural properties might look beautiful, but before rushing in, find out just how much you can renovate and alter the property.


3 – Familiarise yourself with the local area

One of the drawbacks to living in the country is being generally far away from shopping amenities and other things that you get used to relying on when in the city. So, before moving ahead with a property purchase, be certain that you have everything you need within a relatively close proximity. You don’t want to have to venture out for a 30-minute drive for a load of bread. And of course, if you have small children then you will want to be certain that they are close enough to schools, public transport, and any other amenities that might come in handy.


4 – Try to be realistic with your budget

Buying rural properties can be exciting because there are always some truly wonderful little gems that come with a unique circumstance and surrounding. Just because you fall in love with something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right purchase for you. Be careful and set a realistic budget, and then endeavour to stick as closely to that budget as you can.


5 – Go directly with a property developer if you want brand-new

Provided you do plenty of market research and shop around, you don’t always have to use an estate agent. If you consider the fact that you will have to cover closing costs with an agency, sometimes dealing direct is the best way to go. If you find yourself a friendly and established company like Martins Developments, you can cut out the middleman and get straight to buying a gorgeous rural property in the Southwest.


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