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It can be difficult sometimes to buy gifts for certain people. After all a gift is hardly special or wanted if it’s something that the recipient doesn’t want or like. And people’s personal tastes and opinions can be a hard thing to judge on face value alone, so gifting people who you are not very close to ends up falling into one of three categories in most cases; food, alcohol, gift cards or flowers. Flowers are not always suitable for everybody and even alcohol has limitations by taste. So gift cards and food are left as the truly ubiquitous butt let’s face it, everybody is tired of that $10 gift card that kicks around their wallet for 3 months before being re-gifted and the food thing is also a minefield with allergies and taste preference.

It’s little wonder that people stopped buying gifts for each other in favor of gift hampers, vouchers and other ubiquitous, impersonal goods. And we understand that you really just want to get something that will at the very least be enjoyed for some amount of time, and that you at the same time want to get something that will actually stand out and be memorable as opposed to a gift that falls flat. However, hopefully we can help you make the right choice as in this article we will be going through a few gift ideas for those new or unfamiliar faces in your social circle that you may not have considered before.


Okay so this one may appear to be somewhat of an strange choice however bear with us, obviously if you are buying for somebody that you are not too familiar with then you  are very unlikely to be aware of what sizes they take for various items of clothing. Obviously this can become a problem when if you decide to go down this path however there are various items of clothing and accessories that are “one size fits all” like scarves, ties, tie pins, cufflinks and a variety of other things that don’t realty require you to have prior knowledge of their size requirements.

When buying these things its best to but truly practical items. For example, if you are buying for somebody who is a contractor and you know they have to work outdoors in cold conditions then maybe a good pair of workman’s gloves to get them through those extra cold winter days. Or if you know this person is director of sales at a large software company then maybe a nice and elegant cufflink and tie combo set would be a more suitable gift. However just be aware to take their own style preferences into account, which can easily be done to some degree just by assessing the clothes that they wear currently.


This choice has become very “in-trend” in recent years after their portrayal on American soap operas, dramas and comedies and truth be told it is a very common gift amongst work colleagues and acquaintances and in a way it represents the perfect gift for those who you are not overly familiar with as they are highly customizable, fun, shareable and unless you are a complete skinflint, you normally give them in batches of 6 or more, meaning that you can ensure that there is something they will enjoy by including a variety of different flavors. This ensures that the person will not only enjoy the gift you get them but in a sharing situation then people will be able to select the cupcake that fits their tastes the most.

When ordering your cupcakes you need to ensure that you give them sufficient notice and a reasonable deadline in order to make the cakes fresh and help you to avoid the prospect of taking walk in cakes that may not have been made to specifications that you were looking for, they may also not be as fresh as a personalized order. Most bakers will offer some level of customization and this can be anything from different colours of flavored icing, different flavors and fillings and different sizes, and most suppliers will also be able to cater for various different dietary requirements that the recipient may have if given appropriate forewarning.

Thanks for reading this article and we wish you luck buying your gift for your acquaintances. Please click the following link to take a look at the best cupcakes in Perth.


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