How to choose the right gloves for the right job

Now we grant you that this is not exactly the most heart racing or objectively exciting sounding things that you will have ever heard but hear us out. The right kind of glove that you and your workers use to carry out their day to day work can have a massive impact on their safety, comfort and overall ease of doing their jobs. For some industries or jobs, like a dish washer, it isn’t really a necessity or point of safety to wear gloves, it’s more of a comfort and skincare choice, whereas with other jobs, like tattooing and industrial food prep, it is not only a matter of the workers’ personal health and safety but also a matter of law that their employer supplies them with the relevant equipment to keep them safe. And it’s not primarily pout of the goodness of your heart, although that should most definitely be part of it.

Firstly, you should as a decent boss and human being have a desire in the wellbeing and safety of your employees and if you don’t then you shouldn’t be the one running day to day operations. Also, their safety, if compromised, can leave you liable for any damages and medical fees that are incurred as a result of your negligence to provide the appropriate safety equipment No business is actively looking for a lawsuit against them so it really should be something that you at least consider, but what kind of properties will be applicable for me and my company? Let’s discuss a few things worth exploring. Hopefully this will help set you on the right track to making the right choice at the end of the day.


Depending on what kind of work your employees are carrying out and whether or not they will be coming into contact with any potentially hazardous or corrosive materials like bleach or acid, then you will need to take careful consideration as to what the gloves you are planning to stock are composed of and whether that will have a knock-on effect with the particular tasks that you staff will be carrying out and the chemicals that they will be using to do them. Some acids and chemicals, due to the nature of the compounds which they are comprised of, can eat through different kinds of materials and some kinds of particularly strong cleaning agents and chemicals like acids can eat through practically anything given the opportunity. However, these kinds of chemicals do require the use of a kind of rubber that can actively resist the corrosive effects of the solutions.

So when you are making a decision, you may want to carefully review all of the chemicals that your employees come into contact with on a day to day basis and rather than splitting hairs and choosing different gloves for different sections of the workforce or tasks, which in the end only leads to confusion about which types to use, instead try to find the kind of gloves that can be used for all of the different chemicals they will be using in their line of work. If you relay all of this information to your supplier then they will be able to consult with you on specific kinds that they can offer you to cover against all possible eventualities.


So when your workers are performing their work, these things may be considered: what kind of movements are required of their hands in order to operate the tools and machinery that their jobs rely on, will they be needing sufficient grip on something that they are holding and what kind of movements will their fingers need, do they have to operate small and delicate controls or buttons or do they need to use their fine motor skills for something else related to the job? Different kinds of gloves offer differing kinds of mobility levels with the thicker, more physically protecting gloves being generally thicker and harder in which to perform fine motor tasks with their fingers.

Lines of work such as tattooing and fabrication that requires the operation of computers and other delicate movements will require a glove that is flexible, malleable and comfortable to allow them to perform these tasks. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, please click on the following link to learn more about how to find a reliable disposable gloves supplier.


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