How to choose a painting contractor

Normally things over time do not appear the same as they once did, for example, you will find that as you yourself get older your appearance change, sometimes for the best but often times it just wrinkles. The same goes for all things in life and you should expect that over the years that you will at some point need to overhaul your home for one reason or another, maybe the current paintwork has suffered some physical damage, chips or ingrained dirt and requires repainting, or because you feel that the colours you currently have in your home are not really suitable or are outdated after a number of years of looking great, but slowly less attractive. Or if you are really trendy, you may be changing colours as the season dictates. Which is a brave but expensive move, either way, chances are that you will need to find some great painting contractors to help you complete the work required.

However, hiring contractors is not what it used to be and we are surrounded with warning these days about so called “rogue trader” while the painting industry isn’t necessarily more likely to land you with one of these, it has to be said that it is one of the industries where people have had less than satisfying experiences and with the amount of contractors in your area, it can be rather tricky to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak. So it’s really important that you choose the right contractor to undertake the work at hand, but how do you tell after having just one quote form them whether or not they are worth their salt? Well in this article we will go through a few things to look out for in order to make the right choice the first time.


When choosing any kind of tradesman, you must put onus on finding out what their standing with their past clients and customers is like. This used to be a rather difficult thing to judge back in the day and often times you would be forced to judge a tradesman on what they said and take their word for it. However in today’s world every customer now has the opportunity to review and critique the products and services they use and this includes the tradesmen who you rely on to handle the more physical and practical services to repair and maintain your home. You can bet your bottom dollar that nowadays, if somebody has a particularly good or particularly bad experience with a product or service, they are going on that the internet and tell everybody about it online.

So make sure that you thoroughly and concisely look though all of the available reviews on a contractor BEFORE your phone them or receive a quote, this is because you want to go into this with as much information to hand as possible and if you know that the contractor you are calling has a good reputation then you can rest assured that you will not be pressured into anything, subsequently if you choose to agree to work before you research then you could find that you agree to get work from somebody you later find out has a habit of doing a subpar job and demanding payment for it.



When you finally find a reputable and well-reviewed painter, the next job is to have them come out and size up the room to estimate how much paint they would need and how many man-hours will be required in order get the job done properly. Although nowadays some offer a quotation algorithm or submission form on their website in order to eliminate this step. Once you have received your quote you should be looking to have it explained to you in full and this is key. You have to have a proper explanation of what work you are actually paying for to avoid any confusion with whose responsibility what is.

Try to get this in paper and many contractors worth their salt will give an overview of the work to be carried out in the actual quote itself. Any reluctance to do this should be viewed with suspicion and ultimately, you will want to look at sourcing additional quotes rather than stick with them. Need more information on finding painting contractors? Just follow the link.


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