How to avoid common wedding planning mistakes

Your wedding will probably be a mixed bag of emotions, in the ceremony itself you will feel a medley of joy, fear and even sorrow at the unknown prospect of striking out on your own as a completely new family. It’s a real wakeup call for adulthood. However before any of that happens you will have to go through a fair amount of trouble stress and planning in order to get your wedding day itself just so and how you want it. You will find yourself worrying and fretting over the most miniscule things you didn’t even know could sustain a conversation let alone an argument. And sometimes the weight of the work ahead can be a real turnoff to the whole process.

However these are all things that come with getting married and the best advice you can get is too just soldier on and make sure that you pay the due attention where it is necessary and get the harder more important things like the dress and venue sported first. However many couples make the same mistakes at each other, so we will run through a few points of advice in order to ensure that you can avoid some of the most common problems.

Have a plan


Every great wedding that has ever been held in the history of mankind has been adhering to a very strict and well thought out plan that was devised long before the day itself. Indeed if you fail to plan your wedding properly on paper, you are actually removing much of the framework that the rest if the professionals who are attempting to make your day easier. And in doing so will leave them without much of the guidance that they need in order to perform to the best of their ability and make the days seamless, instead of feeling rushed and unorganized.

So make sure as well as an itinerary to make a plan for the other elements of your wedding celebrations which is detailed enough for them to work around and the itinerary style plan should include not only what is happening when but what their individual responsibilities and your desires are from them clearly laid out next to it. This is a great way to ensure that everybody is on the same page and there can be no denial of responsibility from either party.


Get your reception sorted


Is it even really a wedding without a great party afterwards? Well most people would tend to disagree and in fact nearly every single culture and religion worldwide, celebrates the union of two families into one with song and dance of all different kinds. And really when it comes your wedding day, we are pretty sure that you would rather be enjoying it with your guests than spent hunched over a laptop, with a couple of playlists, going back and forth trying to figure out  how to turn the bass down. So do the right thing and spend less time fretting about the music and leave it to a professional DJ to handle for you.

As you can probably imagine, having a professional DJ around to help you organize and execute a great playlist that will get your crowd truly pumped up and on the dance floor regardless of their music tastes, makes the reception a piece of cake come the night and provided that you have pre booked a quality DJ in your area, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Just make sure you choose a DJ who specifically caters for and has experience in DJ hire for weddings specifically.


Have fun!

One of the biggest mistakes that you could possibly make at your wedding is for yourself and your partner to not enjoy it. Obviously you will want things to be just so after the amount of money that you have undoubtedly paid to put all of this together. But that doesn’t mean you should mire your experience of the day by making a big deal out of them, for the little things just try to laugh them, off and let them become the least memorable part of the day.

After all you have been through so much stress at that point in order to put everything together, why then spoil it for yourself by fretting over nothing major? Your friends, family and your spouse will thank you later for not making a big deal out of it.


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