The Advantages of Buying Car Parts Through a Specialist Dealer  

Often, for the sake of saving money, people will opt for standard car parts, as opposed to using the correct manufacturer parts intended for the vehicle. Whilst this isn’t the end of the world, you cannot deny the advantages that come from buying car parts through a specialist dealer; such as the reputable services of Cavalino Motorsport. Why would you want to put a generic part into your Ferrari, when you can buy the real deal elsewhere? – And for incredibly competitive prices as well!

car parts

  1 – Purpose built parts designed with synchronicity in mind

There’s nothing finer than driving a vehicle which as all of the correct parts installed. Understand that much in the way of optimisation goes into selecting and crafting the individual parts that make up a vehicle and there are thousands!

Now, having a generic aftermarket part installed in your car isn’t going to drastically effect its performance, however often, the difference can be felt. That is because the manufacturers parts which were specifically designed for that vehicle, will have been made in a specific way to complement the other components working in synchronicity with it.

repairman2 – The specialists know exactly what they’re talking about

You can’t beat specialised advice coming from someone who is passionate about a particular brand and model of car. Taking your car to a regular garage that deals in Ford and Vauxhall, isn’t going to be offer the same level of input as someone who specialises in Ferrari and that’s not up for debate.

By going to the specialist, you will be able to get first-hand advice and experience on which parts will be best for your vehicle. That’s not to say that mechanics and car-parts salesmen who specialise in other areas will not be able to offer sound and honest advice. It’s just always advised to go to the specialists for your particular vehicle. You wouldn’t go to a spinal surgeon for a brain transplant!

3 – Replicating discontinued parts for older vehicles

By rolling with the reputable services of a specialist company such as Cavalino Motorsport; you’ll be able to take advantage of purchasing parts that are no longer available, or very difficult to find. They make custom-made Ferrari car parts, which are no longer being manufactured by Ferrari. So, these parts will be built to the exact same specifications and they will be brand-new! This saves you the trouble of spending a fortune on used Ferrari parts from a generic vendor or having to trawl through as many junk yards as it might take to find that one specialist piece. You know it makes sense!


Save yourself time and money by going direct to the specialists. If you’ve spent a fortune on a classic Ferrari, then you’re going to want to afford it the very best care. Again, we’re not saying that regular mechanics and car-part vendors are no good; what we’re saying is that the specialists are better.


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